First Aid at Work (FAW) (18 hours)

The First Aid at Work (FAW) courses involve at least 18 hours of training conducted over either 3 days or multiple shorter sessions. This particular level of first aid training is designed to give participants knowledge and skills to be able to administer first aid to injured or ill persons in a higher risk environment, such as The transport industry, light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, extensive work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, construction and chemical manufacture. This course can be tailored to any relevant environment, and is most commonly delivered as an In-house course, contextualised for your workplace hazards as described above.

During the course we will cover numerous first aid skills which will be taught practically whilst referring to a presentation, in a designated training area with numerous scenarios to suit your companies or individual needs. We will cover together in some depth an injured person who may not be breathing or is unresponsive.

To gain some experience and practical knowledge during your first aid training course, you will be asked to:

  • during scenarios apply a sling
  • dress a wound to stem blood loss
  • By the end of the course you will be competent in the management of an injured person, be that a person who is choking or may have had a seizure

During the our training course, you will cover all of the areas below –

  • Vital signs – breathing, level of consciousness, temperature, colour
  • Casualty Monitoring and protection
  • Incident management – a systematic approach to managing first aid incidents - ABCDE
  • Airway Management – causes and treatment of unconscious collapse
  • Recovery Positions and other safe airway positions
  • Breathing Problems - cardiac arrest CPR in adults and children, drowning CPR
  • Heart attack, Angina
  • AED / Defibrillator use
  • Choking in adults and children
  • Circulation Problems – Internal bleeding, external bleeding and treatment for Shock
  • Bandaging issues
  • Damage – Recognition and treatment of injuries to: chest, abdomen, pelvis, leg & arm
  • Head and spinal injuries and spinal management, inc. helmet removal
  • Common Illnesses – Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy
  • Dealing with burns
  • Dealing with poisons
  • Animal bites and stings
  • Awareness of current regulations
  • Incident reporting and RIDDOR

This course is assessed by practical assessment and a bank of underpinning knowledge questions.

Under the Health & Safety Regulation (First Aid) 1981, it is suggested that for every 5-50 employees there should be at least 1 EFAW or FAW trained first aider dependent on the types of injuries that may occur and with more than 50 employees at least 1 FAW trained first aider.

The qualification is valid for three years.